Thursday, 8 August 2013


State library

Jacket- Zara
jeans- Gap
boots- Uggs
bag- nike

Hey guys! sorry for the late update. Finally I have touched down in Melbourne 2 days ago. The temperature fluctuates throughout the day. My hairstyle constantly evolves whenever I strolled along the cold streets of Melbourne due to the potent wind. Here are some pictures I've taken yesterday. Was still in the midst of adapting the chilly weather here. Fortunately, yesterday was a really warm winter day. We headed to a few RMIT buildings around and I was deeply engrossed towards the picturesque view. Later at night, we head over to Londsdale street, a restaurant called San Churros for Churros for supper. It is a must visit place in Melbourne. I've tried their milk hot chocolate and dark hot chocolate but I recommend dark hot chocolate for those who prefer slightly less rich and sweet taste. The aroma of the hot chocolate drink lingers in the air and simmers into your nostril which makes it so much harder to resists. Okay I should stop here before I start to droll all over again. Shall let the pictures do all the talking.

Updates will be coming up soon stay tuned.


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