Sunday, 24 November 2013


Photo credits to the most amazing photographer, the funniest person alive, the bestie CCY :)

Dress: Asian Avenue,Sunway pyramid
shoes: h&m

Finally I'm back! Sorry for the lack of post. Met up with neonglorified after god knows how long and CCY for a small photos-hoot session yesterday. Our theme was sweet, vintage looking so I've decided to wear my daisy dress which I got a couple of weeks ago. Added a flower band to soften a look and I matched it with a pair of sneakers instead of flats for a more tomboy-ish look ( totally ruined the sweet look)  Who says you can't wear sneakers with dress? :) Anyways it was a blast photoshooting with the both of them and I hope to shoot with them more in future. (:


Friday, 25 October 2013

Feels like we only go

top- Kitschen
leggings- Cotton on
Shoes- H&M

photo credits to Chee Yinn.

Heya people! I'm in love with this pair of tartan leggings which I've gotten from cotton on for just RM15.(:  I'm still into grunge-like fashion lately so I decided to play around with my favorite colors; maroon, black and white. Snapped a few pictures right after a birthday lunch with the lovelies as we somehow found a pretty suitable spot for a tiny photo-shoot session. Anyways, sorry I might not be able to update my blog as often now due to some personal reasons, but I'll try my best to update as frequently as possible (:

Hope you guys will have a pleasant weekend!


Monday, 21 October 2013

Full black

top- Bangkok
skirt: Markets at jaya one
shoes- Dr Martens
bag- Bally

Hello people! Wore this the other day while hanging out with the girls (: Decided to wear a plain, simple outfit which yet portray a classy look and black is definitely my first choice as it's my favorite color. I'm still in love with this Zara inspired skort even-though I've bought it some time ago. It's very comfortable and stylish at the same time ; basically the perfect combo! I've been seeing tons of Tartan patterns clothing in stalls now  while shopping, so I've decided to add a pinch of Tartans to spice up my next outfit post stay tuned! 


Friday, 18 October 2013

Neon colors and shades

top- H&M
shades: Cotton on
shorts- Preloved shorts from Markets
shoes- H&M
bag- Bally

Photo credits: Chee Yinn

Had a small photo-shoot with Chee Yinn the other day at Oasis. It was a really fun experience shooting in the middle of the road while darting to the walkway whenever a car randomly appears.This high-waisted shorts blinded my sight due to its neon yellow color (which reminded me of the color of my highlighter) when I first spotted it from a pile of clothes and I couldn't restrain myself from not purchasing it. I bought this pre-loved neon shorts for just RM10 at Markets, Jaya One, a couple of months back and I matched it with a hot pink crop top for a more striking look.One of the main reason I chose to match these 2 apparels together because I haven't tried matching loud colors into an outfit. Please accept my sincere apology if I had blinded anyone's sight while shooting haha :) Anyways, after shooting both of us made a cover (out of boredom) of 'Breakeven' by The Script. No high expectations alright! Feel free to watch it (:


It's finally Friday.Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Roof top and shorts

crop top- Kitschen
shorts- Markets, Jaya One
checkered top- Mango
shoes- H&M
bag- bally

Hey guys! Had another photo-shoot session with my favorite photographer over the weekend. Trying to take as much shots as possible while she's still around. I recently  found the perfect spot for shooting a couple of weeks ago when I went to try out softball with some friends at a mall. I admit I'm currently obsessed with crop tops now as they're really easy to match with and it suits the current weather. Sneakers, shorts and tees are always the top option on my list when it comes to comfort too. More updates will be coming up soon stay tune peeps. (: