Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Full post: Melbourne

Hello guys! I'm truly sorry it took me so long just to update.Finally done with the editing and choosing the photos. Most of my time was taken up due to my indecisiveness. heh. Anyways,  I just touched down 2 days ago from my 10 days 9 night trip to Melbourne with a bunch of friends.To be honest I was jet-lagged and exhausted. I had a blast there, and it was definitely a remarkable trip.Our mode of transport throughout the trip was actually walking due to the expensive tram fares (ps we chose not to jump trams.) I had successfully broken my longest walking record in my life. In desperate need of an authentic Thai foot massage after walking 20km on one of those days! We constantly stroll  along the 90 degree incline streets and indeed, our calf muscles had totally worn out. My friends who are currently studying at Melbourne brought me around the city. They have opened up my sight to a whole new world. 

Shall let the picture do all the talking. (:
Flinders street station
 Federation Square. A place which is filled with live performances. 
Horse carriage! 
Yaraa River
Excuse my awkward strand of hair. It was really windy! (:
Lovely travel buddies. 

Art center.
Perfect weather!
We were on our way to DFO shopping center.
Street art.
The Crown casino. 

My new backpack from DFO. Loving the color! Can't believe the grass was green in winter. (:
A small mall in Docklands.
We were on our way to the museum. 
Clear blue skies. 
Some warmth that simmered into my skin.

Maroon stocking in a cold day. Purchased it from Melbourne central, Sportsgirl. 
I'm on top of the world yeah~
Chilled at some back alley nearby RMIT campus.
A cafe at RMIT.
Visited the old gaol! Fun experience. 
My very first mugshot! I have no idea why i was smiling :P
Princes bridge.
UGG boots are always the best choice to keep me warm..
Colored glass roof at the Art center,

Absolutely creative name for a fast food restaurant. Lord of the Flies? 
These adorable ice cream cubes at Tom Turtle. 7 different flavors: Matcha (greentea), peanut butter, vanilla bean, champagne, teh tarik, strawberry cheesecake, i can't remember the last one sorry!
It's a must to eat froyo in Melboune. Got addicted to Cacao green!

yes i love muesli!
Special breakfast at seven seeds. Bacon, poached eggs and toast. mhmm,

Max brenner's hot chocolate. Hug mugs are always the best way to defrost fingers.
Max brenner's Chocolate Pizza.
Lobster noodle at Shark fin House, China town.  It's worth a visit!
The best Vietnamese beef noodles I've ever taster. Had this at Mekong, Swanston street. Regular size beef noodles was a killer. Lesson learnt: never ever be greedy. 
We had korean barbecuefor dinner at Oriental Spoon. Chicken Bibimbap for life.

Best Pizza I've ever eaten i swear! Love chewy thick crust on the sides, and crispy thin crust on the inside. (:
This is the best best best Chocolate pizza ever. Nutella, strawberries and a blob of Vanilla bean ice cream. mhmmmmm. It a MUST try. Guilty pleasure once in a while aye.
Can't miss Gelato when you"re at Lygon street. Durian flavour( left) and vanilla.

I love greek yogurt.
Heritage place to indulge some cakes and tea.
How can you resist them?!
Had passion fruit tart. It was pretty sour!
Went for winter's night market at Victoria market, every wednesday. Had my eyes locked onto this special dish. Bread soup bowl. 

350g of steak. Sweet, Juicy and aromatic!

I had their Chicken pita bread wrap. Greek food here was unforgettable. My taste buds were in heaven!
7- eleven petrol station?
I had too much pizza!

'Short' sized Matcha latte. They should have this size in Malaysia.

Waffles for dessert at Cacao green.

Frozen yogurt at cacao green. Yummers.

 Had a great time pigging out with the peeps. Never had that much western food in a week before. Perks of having Asian parents! :) Special thanks to  Junlynn and Wayne for bringing me around, and Niki for the photos. It was really fun travelling with you all. Can't wait for you guys to be back!

Thank you for reading, Have a great week ahead!

ps: I'll be making a video diary of my Melbourne trip too. Stay tuned. (:


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