Friday, 4 October 2013

turkey trip


 ferry ride to Bursa

 Visited the green tomb/mosque 
 Met the most adorable Turkish girl :)

 Munched on Simit (scrumptipus sesame bread ) while strolling the market area
 Can't resist honeycombs! 
Visited a village on day 1! sorry I can't remember the name ):

 Cute shop at the village

 Organic fruits; juicy and fresh.
 Visited the Asklepion ; a psychiatric hospital which was built a few thousand years ago.

 Met this adorable fur ball outside an olive shop

Wall of love, located outside Virgin Mary's cottage.
Greek Mythology 

Breath-taking view of the 'cotton castle'

Hot spring at the cotton castle. It was actually the warmest hot spring I've ever been too actually :) . (roughly 35-37 degrees.)

It's a MUST to munch on the gooey Turkish Ice cream. Unlike any other ordinary ice cream, it's made from pure goats milk( a healthier alternative ) and it has a gum-like texture.

Can't get over Simits!


World's first library was build here, the Ephesus.


The famous 'eye of Turkey'

Pigeon city

top- Cotton on
skirt- Bangkok
Stockings: Sportsgirl, Australia
shoes: dr martens

Watched the sunrise.

Sat in a hot air balloon for the very first time. Words couldnlt describe how beautiful it was. 

Champagne after the ride.

Meet the  skillful pilot! Thank god we landed safely.

Stopped by the Salt Lake while we're on our way to the capital, Ankara.

top- topshop
skirt- cotton on
socks- rubi
hairband- street stalls in Turkey

My coolest cousin.

Simit obsessions. 

Blue mosque

Pomegranate juice to quench the thirst. 

Rows of turkish delights & nougats!

Blue mosque

bunch of souvenirs!

Turkish Ice cream stalls along the streets.

Cruise on the last day.

Turkish ice cream fever with the love !

Hey guys! I'm really sorry for the lack of post for the past few weeks. Thoughts about the future, college, constantly filled my mind and I was having a really hard time sorting things out. Finally I've stepped out from the comfort zone and made one of the most crucial decisions in life. I'm glad those rough days are over and the Turkey trip was the best getaway I could ever have. I guess there's always a silver lining in every rough encounter. :) Learnt a great deal of things and to be honest, it's always better to turn the negativity in life around; a much better alternative than dwelling about the past and flood  ourselves with regret.  Forgot to mention that I'm finally back in cheer-leading after god knows how many decades! *cheers*  Looking forward to tomorrow's practice.  Anyways,  I'm still recovering from a major jet-lag period ( due to the 5hrs difference).  Missing the salty scent of sea breeze and flavorful smell of lamb kebab which lingered in the air of along the uneven pavements in Istanbul. Currently in the midst of adapting to the heatwave in Malaysia after abiding in the chilly weather for a week. Hope things would be better off soon.Have a great weekend ahead people!

P.s-I'll be compiling the videos taken throughout the trip. Stay tuned for the video diary!



  1. your vid diary is just amayyyyyyyzingggggg <3 I've nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD! check out to find out about it :)

    xx Abigail aka Pei Xuan

    1. hey there! Thank you so much! i really appreciate it :)