Monday, 10 June 2013

Some love.

Heylo readers! I apologize for my sudden disappearance due to my exams. Finally I've completed my IGCSE's and I've regained my free time. I've been only updating my outfit post on instagram and I'll definitely try my best to invade my blog with more outfits. :)

Anyways, my cousin which is currently having her summer break now came for a visit! I haven't seen her for ages and I'm really glad she came right after my exams ended. -cheers-
We accompanied her to KL for an interview as she'll be doing her internship here. 
Had some coffee bean to kick start our day.

Being a tourist for a while.

Wearing: H&M sheer top
Striped shorts - Kitschen
Shoes: Dr Martens
Backpack: Souvenir from China :P

After the interview we headed to Levain for brunch. It was my very first time here.

Setting your foot into Levain could be described as entering a bread paradise. Their choices of bread varies in shape,sizes, texture and smell. Definitely a paradise for bread lovers!

A closer view of  scrumptious pastries.

This was one of my favorite, Crispy Walnut Bread. Well it's not exactly crispy to be honest but the aromatic smell of walnuts is irresistible.

Final selections of pastries.

Thumbs up for their seafood spaghetti.

Bumped into my close friends in Levain.
That's all for today! New post would be coming up soon!


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