Wednesday, 19 June 2013

DIY Galaxy crossed tank

Hey guys! I made this galaxy crossed tank few days ago and I decided to make a tutorial. Crossed tanks have been trendy lately and it's pretty expensive to purchase one at stores. By simply turning an old tank into one, you could really save a  lot! 

Things that you need:

Make-up sponge ( I think that's what it's called), I got it from Daiso.
Masking tape
White tank top, I got it from H&M. The price is inexpensive , RM 20  for such high quality :)
Studs, from H&M
Fabric paint I got it from Popular Bookstore, Rm 2 per bottle!
Old paint brush

 Lets get started!

Slide in the cardboard inside tank top.

Draw a cross

you can alter the size of it  according to your like. Mine was 30cm x 5cm :)

Tape the lines

Slowly dab some paint over the sides. You can practice a few times on a piece of paper to get the hang of it :)

You can mix any color that you desire over the cross. I used dark blue, pink, and purple.

Sprinkle some paint over the cross to create a starry effect by gently tapping the paintbrush. You can also draw stars over it.

Lastly, studs! You can put the studs wherever you desire. Ensure the pins and properly bent by using the pliers. 

That's the end of it! Here's your very own galaxy crossed tank.



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